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Thanks for registering to our event. If payment is required, you will receive a text or email from Kim

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Are you up for a challenge?!

This program will provide accountability through the tough holiday-heavy months! 

October - You will be tasked with completing 26.2 miles of walking or running over the entire month of October. I will be offering a few group walks (Chastain Park) during the month or you do the mileage on your own. Break it up as you wish but the goal is to cross the finish line by month's end!

November - The challenge this month is to do 26 ab movements per day during the month of November - a total of 780 ab movements for the month of November. I will provide a few opportunities to do an ab set live with me on FB/IG live as well as the option to purchase my $20 ab program which provides 30 days of abs. You can again break these up per day as you wish because I know there are days you might not get to do any. 

December - Similar to November, you will be tasked to do a total of 780 leg movements in the month of December. This might be the hardest because of school out but you can do it! I will provide guides on movements and you choose how they are broken up. 

All three months will come with a tracksheet so you can keep accountable to the work you have done and what's left to do. 

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